In such cases it may be beneficial to have a neutral sparring partner who can view the challenges with fresh eyes. One who is not part of the power game in the company, and can convey opinions and ideas bluntly.

Many leaders often find themselves surprisingly alone when making the many decisions that are an essential part of the leadership responsibility. Some are part of a management team, but even here it can be difficult to share the challenging moments when doubt and uncertainty sets in.

  • How do I best tackle the situation I'm in right now?
  • Do I have the right basis for my decisions?
  • Have I thought about all perspectives and consequences?
  • Is there something I've overlooked?
  • What would others do in the same situation?
  • Sparring on the development of your personal management style can also be beneficial.
  • How do you become the best leader you can be?
  • How do you best utilise your strengths?
  • How do you best make up for the tasks you find difficult?
  • How do you prepare for the next step in your career?

It can be lonely at the top

Find your natural leadership style with GalmstrupHviid

Processes and organisation

Changes to your business may not succeed quite as well as you had hoped for. Cooperation between some departments can sometimes be difficult – but they might be good at pointing fingers at each other. Customers do not always get that experience from you that you had wished. You suspect that your company could be more efficient without running faster.


Do you recognise any of these statements, but have difficulty putting your finger exactly on how to manage the challenge? Then it might be a good idea to seek inspiration and sparring with a company that can look at your activities and processes with fresh eyes.

GalmstrupHviid can help your company become the best version of itself. We look at how your work is organised, finds the core of your challenges and helps you optimise processes. We do it based on the skills and competencies you already have - not least those you have yet to make use of.


We give employees the opportunity to contribute with their ideas. We balance expectations and establish agreements to ensure greater efficiency in your future processes. We create the prerequisites for your business to produce better results.

Relief for solitary communicators

Are you the only communications professional in your organisation? Then you are probably busy. But no matter how much you work, you can not overcome everything you wanted.


You undoubtedly accomplish what you need. Sometimes just at the last minute. Your organisation is fine with that. But you would like to have more time to focus on development, think differently, see task piles disappear ... just occasionally.

And then there is your own development. You rarely have time to do something about that. You possibly participate in one or more networks. You may attend a training course every now and then. But something is still lacking...


GalmstrupHviid can be an extra pair of hands for you when tasks pile up. You can also use us for sparring, testing ideas or otherwise inspire you.

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