It's expensive to hire a new employee - and even more expensive if you fail to hire the right one.

It easily takes several months from your first considerations about job ad content to the new colleague integrated in your organisation. What does it add up to in your company? What is the cost of your and other colleagues’ time throughout the process, the wages of new employees in the training period and reduced revenue because one or several of your colleagues have less time to earn money for the company, while training the new colleague.


If you do not have an HR function to help you, we offer our assistance for your next recruitment.


By involving us there is a greater likelihood that you get the most out of the investment, that your new employee fits into your team and quickly thrives in the job - and less risk of you quickly having to go through the whole costly process again.

To find the perfect match for a job, the person behind the candidate is more important than the professional skills required for the job.


If the skills are not 100% right, the right candidate will undoubtedly learn. It is more difficult - if not impossible - to change his/her personality. If e.g. the social skills, the drive, humanity and chemistry are not right in relation to the rest of your team, the new employee will not thrive and therefore not function for the team.


If you do not you manage to get behind the facade of the applicant there is a risk that you will soon have to go your separate ways - and that you therefore miss out on the benefits, which developing and retaining good employees converts to in the long term.

Find the right player for your team

Your company's profit and reputation are greatly influenced by how well you and your employees create and maintain relationships. This applies to relationships with customers and partners and relationships between the employees.


Relationships with customers are affected by every contact they have with your company - face to face, by phone and in your messages in an email, on your website, on social media, etc.

Relationships between managers and employees - and between employees - are crucial for customer satisfaction, quality, efficiency and, not least, job satisfaction.


When your employees feel like part of the team, when there is mutual respect and common goals, they take responsibility for the tasks and for each other. They improve each other. So it pays to invest in relationships and in the right team composition.

This is what you get if you involve us in the recruitment process

We are involved from start to finish contributing with our knowledge of these tasks:

  • Narrowing and prioritisation of job content, qualification requirements, so the ad reaches the right candidates rather than scattergun shooting


  • We write the text of your ad based on our discussion of key messages. The ad sells the job and your business without overselling so you can meet expectations and thus both attract the right candidates and retain new employees


  • Selection of methods and media for communication and advertising of the job


  • Review applications and select candidates for interview
  • Participate in the job interviews where we divide tasks so that you focus on the professional skills, and we challenge the candidate on personality, so you also learn more about what is behind the facade. It can be things that the candidate does not think of as important for the job or something he/she thinks will hinder a positive assessment


  • Sparring about choosing the right candidate for the job


  • Sparring about the best process for receiving and integrating the new colleague


  • The good rejection which gives recognition and respect to those who did not get the job. Candidates can have a detailed explanation why another got the job and even some advice for future job search if they wish. When you spend time on this it shows you and your company as a serious and reliable employer, and it strengthens your reputation

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