Meet us

  • Contact us and arrange a meeting – with no obligations.


  • Tell us about your challenge. We might have some clarifying questions.


  • Tell us more about your company/organisation, for example, your strategy, goals, aspirations and challenges. Perhaps it could be relevant if we also get a tour and talk with some of your employees.


  • Based on the conversation, our impression and possible further clarifying questions we provide you with suggestions on how we can get move and support you.


  • Only if we agree to proceed from here, our time and services will cost you something.

It is perfectly fine to choose not to work with us.

But should you not at least have a chat with us first?


Maybe you'll get exactly the idea that makes a positive difference to your business this year.

A little more you should know about us:

  • We organise our solutions, so knowledge is transferred to you and you can continue to work with your development without having to rely on us for time and eternity.


  • We place great emphasis on mutual trust and realise that chemistry must be right between you and us.


  • We are available to you when and where you need it.


  • We will certainly challenge you and your business on your habits and routines, but we do it only with the best intentions.


  • We are open, honest and say is as we see it.


  • We assume only so many tasks that we have time to do them properly.


  • We do not knock on your door all the time to sell services, you do not need.


  • ...and when we work for you, we obviously do not work for your competitors.

GalmstrupHviid Aps

Agerlandsvej 24

DK-2300 København S

tel.: +45 6126 6797 / +45 3027 6797