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Key note speeches and workshops

Inspiration, problem solving, new insights or a boost to your work and continued development - GalmstrupHviid can push you in the right direction with lectures or workshops tailored to your needs within communication, collaboration and management.

Our experience with development courses, workshops about management and / or cooperation and many years of experience within communication and HR can benefit your business.

It could, for example, be development and cooperation in your management team. It could be improved collaboration between departments or teams. Or it may be in the form of a speech aimed at a specific challenge in your company.

Examples of speeches:

Reputation and perception – are you at risk?

Who is influencing your business? Do you know them? There may be more stakeholders than you think. What can they do to you? Do they know you? Do you know what they think of you? What do you do to influence your stakeholders' perception of you? Are you doing enough? The better relationships you have with your stakeholders, the better your opportunities for success.


Get inspiration on how to improve your reputation and your ability to deliver your messages successfully. Learn why you should quit writing press releases, and why perception rules the world.

Turn change into improvement

Everyone talks about it, but very few really like it. Resistance to it is actually deeply rooted in our DNA. So there are several reasons why it's hard to succeed with change.


Get inspiration for how to avoid the five obvious pitfalls, learn more about the brain's two decision-making systems and find out how to easier succeed with change.

Be the best you can be

Did you know that there are six common features to companies and organisations that are successful in what they do? There are some very basic elements that most successful companies have mastered. It is a combination of leadership, collaboration and communication which determines whether you play as Barcelona or Botchington.


Get an inspiring introduction to how to improve the foundation for success in your business. Learn more about how to take the six steps. They are there for the taking, because it is not rocket science.

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