It is all about you


About how to become the best you can be, based on your prerequisites, strengths, needs, opportunities and wishes.


It's about the small details that can make a big difference.

Every kind of text


Articles, sales letters, staff newsletters, web texts, brochures, press releases, presentations, slogans...


GalmstrupHviid writes texts of all characters.


Valuable sparring


Get a neutral sparring partner who can view your challenges with fresh eyes.


Get valuable input from someone who is not part of the power game in your business, but can say things bluntly.

Find the right one


It's expensive to hire a new employee - and even more expensive if you do not get the right one.


If you do not have a HR function to assist you, we can provide assistance for your next recruitment.



Create clarity, well-being and motivation.

Increase your credibility and control

the outside world's perceptions

Perception rules


Don’t leave the perception of you to coincidence. Use communication to influence and control the outside world's perceptions.


It's an investment in how easy it is for you to do business, how quickly you reach your goals, and if you are successful.



Make the most of your own potential

and create success with your employees

Trivsel og involvering


It's worth investing in well-being at work. For failure to thrive costs in reduced efficiency, stress and other illnesses, collaborative problems, employee flight, poor customer service, etc. This results in poor image and reduced earnings.

Be the best


Learn more about the six steps

which can make you the best you can be



If you want to succeed with changes in your organisation, make sure they are safe and manageable.


Involve, match expectations, take the time. There are no easy solutions, but it does not have to be difficult.

20 measuring points


Understanding, expectation, acceptance, motivation, commitment, efficiency, cohesion, loyalty, values, culture, leadership, image, attractiveness, support, loyalty, preference, goodwill, influence, relationships, awareness,


How do you score?

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