It takes something special

How hard do you have to work to land a new customer? Do your stakeholders react as hoped, when you contact them? Or do you have to explain more and more often than you feel is reasonable?


You are not alone. Your customers and your other stakeholders are in the same situation. They are bombarded daily with information from all sides. Many more are also struggling to get their attention.


Therefore, it requires something special of your communication with the outside world if you want benefits to fit the effort.

Perception rules ...not facts!

Do not leave others' perception of you to chance

You are surrounded by so much information that you can only relate to a fraction of it.

Whatever decision you will make, you'll never have all the facts at your disposal.

Therefore, you must often rely on your immediate perception.

So does your surroundings - and what are their perceptions when they have to make decisions about you and your business?

On what basis do your stakeholders form their assessment – their perception - of the things that matters to you? It should not be left to chance.


Instead, use your communication actively, deliberately and persistent to influence and control the outside world's perception.

It is an investment in your freedom of action, your reputation, how easy it is for you to do business, in how quickly you reach your goals, and in whether you are successful!


Which stakeholders are important to you and your business?

Are you in control of their perception - or do their perceptions control you?

How do you score?

Communication is crucial to whether your activities turn out perfectly.

The benefits and importance are there to see. It's about:


understanding, balancing expectations, acceptance, motivation, commitment, efficiency, cohesion, loyalty, values, culture, leadership...


image, awareness, balancing expectations, acceptance, support, attraction, loyalty, preference, goodwill, influence, relationships...

How do you and your business score on these measuring points?

How much does each of them mean in your company's daily business?

How much do they mean to the company's ability to achieve your business goals?

Communication affects your employees' perception of your leadership style - and it is essential to

Communication also affects how your customers and the outside world perceive your company - and it is vital to

  • how you manage to attract and retain the best employees
  • whether employees are motivated and committed
  • if they know your visions and goals
  • if they can identify with the company
  • whether they are able to transform visions and goals into specific results in their daily work
  • how you penetrate with your messages
  • how easy it is to sell your products
  • how loyal your customers are and if they have a preference for your company and your products
  • whether customers know what your company stands for
  • how their expectations match what you are providing

Credibility is worth a lot

Your company's credibility is not directly visible on the bottom line.

But credibility is nevertheless worth a lot.

Credibility makes it easier for you to act in your external environment, easier to make money, get decisions carried out, attract the best employees, ensure goodwill with authorities, customers, media etc. Therefore, your credibility should be cared for and nurtured.


With social media and uninterrupted news coverage 24 hours a day the chances of hiding or concealing less fortunate decisions is limited. Even if you have not done anything illegal, but have crossed the threshold of current ethics and morals, you can quickly find yourself on the front page.

The consequences may be that the customers defect. Existing and prospective employees’ willingness to be associated with the company can quickly become limited. The same can be the case for partners’ and other stakeholders’ goodwill - and the financial consequences are obvious.


So it is more sustainable and significantly less expensive for your business to avoid getting into trouble - with robust processes, sound leadership and good communication as the best defence against problems.

Every kind of text

Articles, sales letters, staff newsletters, web texts, brochures, press releases, presentations, slogans ...

GalmstrupHviid writes texts of all characters.

The target group is the focus. The message is clear. And then the finished product is, of course, delivered at the agreed time.


You have a goal which the text must support - probably rooted in your company's business goals or a specific challenge.


In close cooperation we choose the angle of the text which best supports your wishes and your purpose.

GalmstrupHviid finds the right sources. Asks the right questions. Predisposes the text so that it is up-to-date, relevant and interesting for the target audience.


It can be humorous, polemic, descriptive, discursive, provocative, informative or developed in a totally different style if it best suits the purpose.


It can be short and precise. It can be more elaborate - but it is always easily accessible and interesting to read.

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