Be the best you can be

Do the players on your team have the opportunity to develop, flourish and do their absolute best? ... And do you?

Leadership, cooperation and communication determine whether you play as Barcelona or Botchington.

You are probably doing most things right already, but you have the potential to be even better. Better at cooperating - with each other and with your partners and customers. Better service. Better quality. Better at change.


At GalmstrupHviid we believe that you can create even better results by optimising your cooperation, your communication and your leadership effort.


You can save time and frustration and minimise the risk of errors by optimising processes for the tasks that you repeat often.

You can achieve greater job satisfaction, greater commitment and better results by taking more time to lead through involvement and clarity.

You can have better opportunities to convert your decisions into practice to achieve your goals and be more successful by improving your reputation, creating better understanding and greater acceptance of your activities both within the company and with your external stakeholders.


You probably spend a lot of time optimising your products and costs. So why not look at your leadership and collaborative engine? There may be benefits to reap.


Based on your specific situation, your knowledge and skills, your strengths and opportunities and your wants and needs we can realise your potential together, and you become the best you can be.

6 steps to success

How should your business develop? How do you create the best results?

How do you become the best you can be?

GalmstrupHviid has worked for some time now to find and visit businesses, organisations and institutions which are successful. We have seen and been told what they do, how and why they do it.

We have looked for commonalities and examined what it takes to create the successes and realise the potential - and we have found six fundamental elements they all share:

The six steps to success - read more

Difference is strength

It pays to ensure job satisfaction. Employees’ well-being has a positive impact on the quality of work and customer satisfaction. Conversely, your customers will immediately notice if your team does not thrive.


To create well-being you have to know each employee well. What makes one employee thrive and perform might have almost the opposite effect on another.


But the common denominator is that they each in their own way have need for respect and recognition for their contribution.

The employees' professional pride grows when they are involved and listened to - when they feel that they have influence on their work.


The differences in skills and personality are needed to best solve the joint tasks.


This requires a leader who can create a team from differences and emphasise the importance of each player for the team's success.

Customer satisfaction

You undoubtedly know a place where you feel particularly welcome. It can be a store, a restaurant or a supplier for your business.


Here you experience sincere interest and attention to you as a customer, no matter if you talk to the boss or the youngest apprentice.


You get this good feeling both when you are physically present and when you are in contact by phone or mail - and you will want to return.

This atmosphere does not materialise out of nowhere: The manager takes the lead and ensures the right culture and behaviour. The employees are handpicked, exactly because they have a flair for customer care.


Meanwhile, the manager has ensured that the chemistry is right so that employees work together as a team. They respect each other, work towards a common goal, and they help each other at all times. A good working environment is the result with license to socialise and joke when there is time and opportunity to do so.

Increase knowledge

A lot of people have an impact on your business. How well do they know you? Do they know enough about you? Have you made a positive impression on them?


Their perceptions are crucial to you success and not least, how hard you have to work to achieve your goals. So it is worthwhile to make sure that your stakeholders have the right perception of you - remember: stakeholders are also talking to each other.

Strengthen you reputation

Concepts such as credibility and goodwill are intangible elements, but they are very important for your business. They determine how easy or difficult it is for you to be successful, attract the right employees, achieve your goals etc.


Your and your company's reputation is critical to your future. Your reputation is the sum of what you do and what you say. Your reputation has to be developed and nurtured every day. It takes time and many successes to build, but only one mistake to lose.

Value hidden in solid processes

Do you agree on how to best solve the tasks at hand - in your company, your department, your team?


How do you make sure that you all understand the tasks, strategy and objectives in the same way?


Do you balance expectations - with each other within the department and with the others in your value chain?

Much can go wrong in the daily solution of tasks: Misconceptions, unspoken expectations, mistakes, accidents. It costs time, resources and money every time.


But this also means that there are obvious advantages to check your processes in detail - or by creating efficient processes where they are not established yet. The advantages are, for example, better quality, lower costs, better collaboration, greater customer satisfaction etc.

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