About us

The company dates back to 1 August, 2006, when Jesper founded JGkomm. Since 1 July, 2015, the name changed, the activities expanded, and the company is now run jointly by Jesper G. Jensen and Doris Hviid.


We are dedicated to helping companies, organisations and institutions be the best they can be, based on their strengths, opportunities, knowledge, competencies etc. Often it does not take much...

Our values

We have no fixed solutions, which we force on you. We begin with what you can and want, and then we use our knowledge, experience, ideas and methods to develop solutions, which matches your situation and make the best of your company's potential.

We are all different - as people, as companies, institutions and other organisations.


Diversity is strength. The diversity and your company's specific competencies are always the starting point for the solutions we propose.


We work to help you and your company become the best you can be - based on your specific skills, strengths, opportunities, needs and desires.


We are inspired by others who do well. But neither we nor our customers must necessarily be like others.

Therefore we use our knowledge, experience, ideas and methods to propose exactly the solutions which make the best of your company's potential.


We believe in involvement. We believe in balanced expectations. We believe in clear agreements. We believe in the effectiveness of appropriate behaviour.


We believe that there are undiscovered and untapped potential in the people of your business.


We believe that together we can realise the potential to benefit your company, your employees and your results.

...and on a personal level

Privately, we believe in sustainability, in public spirit, in taking care of each other, in dignity and credibility, attentive service, in the best in people, in the potential and the uniqueness of each individual.

We believe in a holistic approach to life and our tasks, in middle ground, in a third way as an alternative to the unsatisfactory compromise, and that we are responsible for ourselves and each other.

Jesper G. Jensen

Director and partner

tel. +45 6126 6797

email: jg@gahv.dk

Doris Hviid

Director and partner

tel. +45 3027 6797

email: dh@gahv.dk

GalmstrupHviid Aps

Agerlandsvej 24

DK-2300 KĂžbenhavn S

tel.: +45 6126 6797 / +45 3027 6797